Friday, April 1, 2011

spring spring spring

dear blog,

here's a list. just a list.

1. 90's pop culture is so fascinating to me lately.
2. consequently, i think ER is my new favorite show.
3. it really bothers me when people think they are more culturally adept and understanding and interesting than they actually are.
4. if i didn't like flowers and sneezing so much, i think spring would be utterly miserable.
5. i think i'm going to try to go somewhere this summer. seattle maybe?
6. i couldn't go to friday lunch today (bummer).
7. we haven't had the internet lately. it has really opened my eyes on how dependent i am on it. whenever i have a question about anything the answer is always "look it up online" but with out that instant availability i realize how entitled i normally feel. also, i think its been really good for me to not be glued to a computer screen all day. the number of things i can do daily are greatly limited by the lack of the internet (in a good way though. time-wasting isn't as easy without the internet. and i have to get out of my bed to do anything haha).
8. i miss my brother.
9. gc this weekend. yay!
10. i can't wait for it to be warm enough to go swimming and to eat snowcones. ALMOST.
11. it's april fools day today! maddie told me maverick got hit by a car and changed my phone to spanish. WHAT THE. thinking that your beloved dog is dead is the WORST way to start your day.
12. speaking of maddie, the other day in her sleep she was like "he is so. cute. he is soooo cuuute!!!" hahaha! dream about boys much, creeper?
13. did you know 13 is my favorite/lucky number?

the end.


  1. so much for our picnic date.
    devil snow!
    ha ha that IS a HORRIBLE april fools.