Tuesday, April 5, 2011


dear blog,

remember this? WELL, last night someone threw a nasty egg and cheese burrito at my uninhabited, parked car. WHY? honestly, i seriously do NOT understand WHY ON EARTH people do stuff like that? it was SO GROSS! i HATE eggs and there were like scrambled eggs all stuck to my car everywhere and then it got cold last night so when i tried to wipe it off they just spread and it smelled like eggs and my fingers were frozen and it was so miserable!

okay, don't get me wrong. i love me a good (happy/innocent) prank, but this IS NOT HAPPY OR GOOD OR INNOCENT. the whole point of doing pranks is to tease your friends. to see their reaction or to just be fun and silly. i seriously do not understand the point of anonymously throwing a nasty burrito at someone's car. that is just so mean! why are people so mean!??

rant over.



  1. Rude.

    Sorry this happens to you in ridiculously un-proportionate amounts.