Tuesday, January 10, 2012

i love to see the temple

dear blog,

a week and a half ago on december 30, i went through the temple and received my endowment. the temple is really sacred and special, and its also new to me, so i don't feel like it's appropriate to write a lot about it on here. but i did want to document that this happened and this blog is definitely the most consistent journal that i have kept.(luckily jessica gave me a journal so i have somewhere else to write "personal" stuff in! haha) anyways my mom, dad, grandma and grandpa dowd, carl, my bishop and his wife, and my dear friend jessica all came to support me. i was really nervous before hand, but i actually really loved it and i can't wait to go back. i'm so grateful that i had the opportunity to go, and i can't wait for my sisters to go too!


p.s. if you have more questions about the temple go here!
p.p.s. i grew up singing this song and it's so weird that "someday" is here!

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  1. That's really special. Congrats! Also, you and your mom look so much alike in that picture, even the angle of your heads haha.