Friday, January 20, 2012

robison hall

dear blog,

yesterday we went to pick nickie up from her dorm at heritage halls and as we were approaching the sneaky entrance to the parking lot i'm looking for the usual landmark, the huge brick building where i used to live, but lo and behold THIS is what i saw...

a big fat NOTHING. THERE WAS NOTHING THERE!! (okay, there IS a pile of rubble but still,) they knocked my precious building down. and while i think it is wonderful that they are rebuilding the heritage halls, a feel like while robison hall died yesterday, a little piece of me died with it. my freshman year of college was a big deal for me. high school was especially difficult and when i moved into robison i felt as if i was free to be whomever i wanted. nobody had any preconceived notion of what my personality was like, what my interests were or anything like that, and i reallllly loved it. those crazy days in robison were when i became comfortable with myself, with my personality. but, they knocked her down, and it makes me feel sad...and old.

but that's juts part of life i guess.

and now? you guessed it, an overshare of photos from that lovely care-free time i spent in robison hall.

dallin, michelle, robert, me, christina and ryan
alex and roy. such goobers!
dressing up with ashley
a halloween dance. dallin and i are peter priesthood and molly mormon haha!
80's dancing with steven, rachel, dallin, christina and erik
my 18th birthday
clifton was in my fhe group and i loved to make him embarrassed.
ward event at temple square
tina verbena at a football game... i think this is hilarious because i'm pretty sure we're both the opposite of football fans...
my roommate, jackie!
dan, caleb and alex
haha marty picking my nose...
eric, canyon and brooks
becca, alex's sister and carmen
will, alex, ian, roy, dan and caleb


  1. I am sorry for your loss... really, it can be hard. It was fun seeing freshman you.

  2. Aww that's sad! I visited you over winter break your freshman year and even though we mostly spent the week in your house, we slept one night in your dorm room, remember? Also, that pic of your 18th birthday is so awesome!