Tuesday, January 17, 2012

m.l.k. day

dear blog,

yesterday after church jessica casebolt and co. came and picked me up and we drove up to her parent's house in farmington. it was so much fun! we ate dinner with the whole family and we played phase 10 and quelf and watched dolphin tale and talked and played phase 10 again and ate a midnight snack and talked some more and ate breakfast and took the frontrunner and trax around slc and went to temple square and the church history museum and went to lunch at the pie by the u and watched part of batman forever. it was pretty low key, but it was also really fun. it's been a looong time since i've made new friends and i LOVE it. 

thank you, martin, for the civil rights movement, and for a lovely day off.

amanda and jessica
amy and me
kelly and lindsey
ladies ready to go out on the TOWN.
sooo excited to take the train.

temple square
LOVE this... and an 8 year old did it.
at the pie with cheryl
we definitely contributed to the graffiti

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  1. oohh, I love the Pie. Best calzone I've ever had!