Sunday, January 15, 2012


dear blog,

so i've been a teacher in the primary at church for awhile now, and i absolutely LOVE it. i love children and i like teaching. and i definitely feel more at home with 4 year olds than with (most) 40 year olds. i also like that it's pretty low key, and i feel like a lot of my responsibility lies in getting the big picture across, and enforcing principles of reverence. basically, i love it.

then a couple of weeks ago i got called to be a den leader in the cub scouts (in addition to teaching)! WHAT? i know next to nothing about scouts, and to be honest it always seemed to be more of a hassle than anything. they put me in charge of the webelos. mostly in this calling, so far as i understand, my responsibilities include organizing, planning and running wednesday pack meetings, (it's called pack meeting right?) making sure all the boys get the required activity badges to advance to boy scouts when they turn eleven, and making sure they don't kill eachother or burn down the church or anything while they are in my care. basically, i feel overwhelmed by this calling and i have many criticisms of the program that i will be keeping to myself...

ALSO, i got a calling to volunteer in the LDS clothing distribution center in the BYU bookstore. this is the reason they let me go through the temple (the stake president told me it's super unusual for someone as young as me that isn't serving a full-time mission or getting married to go through the temple.) this calling is just like a retail job, but i don't get paid, and i only work 11 to 4 on saturdays. i did it today for the first time and i really liked it. i am super grateful for this because i have been wanting to receive my endowment for a long time, and this was the perfect opportunity. plus it is an awesome environment to spend time in.

so...yikes. the amount of responsibility in my life has tripled in the last month. which is awesome, but also overwhelming. not to mention i've been babysitting a ton, i made some new friends, i got a gym membership, and we only have one functioning car... but as crazy as this all has been, i had forgotten how truly satisfying it is to have a full schedule.


p.s. i get a new primary class tomorrow and i'm kind of bummed. look how awesome this guys are!!

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  1. I guess I never read this far back the other day so I am commenting now. I just started my new job at Lowe's today and tomorrow I am working 8-5 and it is so weird because I'm used to having absolutely NOTHING to do all day. It will definitely be nice to get out of the house and meet new people and make money! but it is going to be weird to have stuff to do and responsibilities again, so I totally know what you mean. Congrats on all this new stuff! I hope it's all been going well since it's been like a month and a half since you posted this haha.