Saturday, January 14, 2012


dear blog,

on tuesday i learned that my dear friends, (jackson & his parents) are moving to arizona in april, and i am so sad! i'm even crying as i write this because i know i'm going to miss them so so much. but i think the worst part is that after a couple of months jacks probably wont even remember me. it's breaking my heart that my best friend won't be around anymore. it probably sounds dumb, but jackson (and shawnne) really helped me make it through the last year. and i'm really not kidding when i call him my friend, because even though his mom pays me to hang out with him, if i didn't REALLY need the money, i would definitely do it for free. oh man, i'm really gonna miss this guy...

the many faces of jackson
one of my favorite pictures EVER. who can resist a sleeping baby? 

jackson and davis looking at the snow.
we enjoy playing ba-boop.
one time i sat like this and he copied me. 
who DOESN'T love airbud?
playing in the dirt

he calls this picture "jackson with the necklace!"
so hardcore!
he giggles and giggles everytime he looks at this picture. what a cheeseball!
love those brown eyes.
playing at the park with andrew boy.
i got him this basketball for christmas and he carried it around the whole time i was there.

ah, man. i love this kid SO MUCH! 
miss you already, bucko.


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  1. this made me cry. he will remember you. i remember all my babysitters and all the fun we had. and just like he learned to cross his legs from you, he learned other stuff, more important stuff, from you, too. i promise.