Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year

dear blog,

sorry i have been neglecting you. at first i wasn't writing because i didn't want to spill the beans about my mom's christmas surprise, and more recently i haven't been writing because i just have been really busy. i am going to dedicate a post to christmas because it was the best ever, and also you can expect a post about how i felt about going through the temple for the first time, but this post is about my goals for the next year.

lets be honest, 2011 was just a rough year for me and there is no way I'm going to relive it. so because i have already made 22 birthday goals (p.s. i've made progress with 1, 6, 11 & 19... i need to get a move on!) i have only made 3 new years resolutions:

1. never withhold a generous thought.
2. go to the temple twice a month.
3. make an honest effort to do selfless service.

i have already fudged a little bit on number one... what can i say, sometimes i just think nice things about strangers and it's creepy... but i honestly think that these things will help me be a better person, which is always the overall goal right?

happy new year, my friends!

love love love,

p.s. for new years eve richie's friend chris came over and he is always a delight. here are some pictures of chris and carly sparkling!


  1. sometimes i appreciate the generous thoughts from strangers the most, because you know they're not saying it for any reason except it's true. don't hold back :) also, you're lovely and you inspire me.

  2. i agree with all that megs has said