Friday, June 10, 2011

sleeping in

dear blog,

normally i am the CHAMPION of sleeping in. i've always preferred being awake at night and sleeping in, and if i am tired enough i can sleep through anything. i've taken naps on gym bleachers while multiple basketball games have been going on. i have slept through massive earthquakes. harriet told me this story that one time i was sleeping over and i was snoring so she tried everything to wake me up, screaming, throwing stuff at me, shaking my body, and i didn't even flinch. and since i've graduated i love staying up late after everyone has gone to bed, and sleeping in after everyone has left. so lovely. but lately, i CANNOT SLEEP IN. everyday this week i have woken up "early" without an alarm. maybe its because i don't have the peaceful house all to myself anymore now that my sisters are out of school. oh well, i don't mind (that much).

in other news, if i were to get a round trip ticket to go to thailand tomorrow it would cost over $3,000 dollars. sure wish i had that kind of money to drop to visit a friend.


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