Thursday, June 30, 2011

talking about blogging makes me feel like blogging

dear blog,

i don't have anything really particular to talk about today.


when my dad got home from church tonight we all sat around in the kitchen as a family and joked and laughed and it was the happiest loveliest memory.

nickie just said "ohmygosh, i want to cuddle with a wallaby!" what? weirdy.

also, our family best friend susie is in town this week! she is busy busy with her other friends, but at least we get to see her a little!

okay, i've had the worst worst sore throat that i've ever had and it has been so horrible i couldn't sleep. so last night i made my mom take me to the urgent care (i know you're thinking "what? this grown woman made her mom take her to the doctor?" and my response to you would be "you're just jealous.") so we crammed into the blue car (mom, susie, nickie, madd, carly and me) and after the doctor we went to the pharmacist where two eventful things happened: 1. the pharmacist was one of my residents and that made me feel proud/pathetic. (yeah, a weird combination of feelings, i know). and 2. while we were waiting for my perscription to get "filled" (it came in a pre-packaged box so i just don't see why we had to wait at least 15 minutes. W) we prank called carly's "boyfriend" (okay, the parentheses are getting a little out of hand BUT you did read that correctly, my youngest sister has a significant other before any of her older siblings, i'm learning that life is ironic that way). but anyways we prank called him and i pretended to be british and i pretended to be in crisis because my kitty cat died and he not only answered, he talked to me on the phone FOR TEN MINUTES. WHAT? AND he said i could call him back!? GET A LIFE! it was hilarious.

also, i "crafted" today with jamie and my sisters and it was fabulous.



p.s. i just spell-checked this and i kind of think its not working because i always type stuff wrong when i'm sleep-blogging.
p.p.s. i wrote this yesterday buuut it didn't work... so here you go.

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