Wednesday, June 8, 2011


dear blog,

sometimes i hate cleaning.
sometimes i don't.
sometimes i think about blogging, but i can't think of a creative title so i don't.
sometimes i like singing in the car.
sometimes i like dancing in the car.
sometimes i miss my friends a lot a LOT.
sometimes i want my phone to die all the way before i charge it so i play the demo of bejeweled over and over until it uses the whole battery.
sometimes i wish my sisters didn't have any friends so that they would have more time/interest in being my friend.
sometimes i really feel like throwing all my stuff away and organizing. actually, this happens less than sometimes and its happening right now... so imma go do that.

happy wednesday, folks!


p.s. sometimes i want to learn french. and all the time i love this song:

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