Monday, June 6, 2011

bet you didn't know...but you probly did

dear blog,

i am (a little sorethroat) sick, buuut i have been a BAD blogger-friend as of late and i thought i would share some new goings on/some things you maybe didn't know about me, in the form of a list:

1. my middle sister graduated from high school last week. WHAT?
2. i love garlic, but i'm pretty allergic to it and it makes me SICK.
3. i'm also allergic to bees. and THREE of my neighbors have beehives and it REALLY scares me.
4. i also had a pretty much permanent sinus infection from before middle school until i was 16... yeah i was a nerdy sick kid with glasses and clothes that didn't match. (was? who am i kidding)
5. i played basketball in highschool (go panthers!) and i still love love love to play.
6. when i was growing up my favorite color was lime green.
7. sometimes when i'm babysitting, or with my sisters we watch cheesy kids shows/ movies and i secretly like it.
8. actually, i pretty much like almost every movie that i watch. and i tend to watch a lot of them.
9. i'm a closet science fiction lover.
10. i also LOVE swimming. my mom said that i was always the first in the water and the last one out.
11. buuut i really doNOT like showering.
12. i miss my brother everysingleday. and whenever i write him a letter i cry my little eyes out.
13. actually, i probably cry everyday.
14. i don't like to watch the news even because it makes me cry.
15. i LOVELOVELOVE getting mail. i got a letter from jessica this week! and today, i got a package! lauren sent me a dashboard hula dancer for my car! it. is. awesome.
16. i'm named after my great grandmother who's maiden name was Roche. and my dad who's middle name is Lee. Rochelle Leigh. and all my sibs have twisted family names too.
17. i want to travel to all 50 states and every continent.
18. this list is getting long and i probably think i'm more interesting than i actually am. HA!

happy memorial day last week!


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