Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day

dearest blog and dad,

happy father's day! i love my daddy and i always always have.

my dad has taught me so so so much.
he taught me how to shoot a basketball the right way.
he taught me to never end a sentence with a preposition.
he taught me to respect everyone.
he taught me what it means to really fulfill a church calling.
he taught me how to make really animated, goofy faces.
he taught me how to smile pretty.
he taught me how to drive and parallel park.
he taught me how to change a tire (however, this i completely forgot).
he taught me how to answer the phone correctly.
he taught me to love the beatles.
he taught me that everything tastes good with butter, salt and pepper.
he taught me how to be really funny.
he taught me how to take pictures of my feet.
he taught me how to sing.
he taught me that kids are people too.
he taught me that its important to share our talents.
he taught me how to work hard.
he taught me to dress modestly and appropriately.
he taught me how to cover a text book with a paper bag.
he taught me how awesome science fiction/fantasy film is.
he taught me how to discern right and wrong and how to make my own choices.
and still, everyday, i  learn more and more from this wonderful man. everyday i learn more about his love of the Savior, his love for my mom and for my family. i am so blessed and so grateful to have such a wonderful (albeit secretly silly) man as a father.

i sure love you, daddy!

your first born

being a goofball
my dad's the one on the right... also, this is my all-time favorite face that he makes.
i had a teacher in highschool that thought dad was polynesian... maybe because he likes to wear hawaiian shirts?

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