Saturday, June 18, 2011

dear blog,

okay, i know i write about sleep a lot, but i have been doing a lot of it lately, and i tend to blog right before or after sleeping, W. anyways, last night i slept backwards in my bed. as in my head was where my feet normally go and vice versa (harriet was so kind to point out that my head was touching where my gross feet germs are-- such a great reminder, don't you think?) and to be honest, i don't think that my bed has ever felt more comfortable. i don't even remember falling asleep and i didn't toss or turn once. heaven in mattress form. okay, i just spelled "mattress" wrong (i fixed it, okay? calm down) but i think that's a sign that i need to become better acquainted with the back of my eyelids.

here's to you the backwards side of my bed, cheers.


p.s. i couldn't think of a title for this post so i googled some stuff and i came a cross some very weird articles about sleep, but no worthwhile titles for this blog post. oh, well.
p.p.s. carly goes to burn survivor camp in the morning. they are going white water rafting, i'm so jealous! plus i'm gonna miss that little bugger!

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