Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1: mother

dear blog,

i thought i would start with my mother, the woman who labored epidural-less to bring me into this beautiful world. because, let's face it-- without her i wouldn't even be alive, let alone have friends!

seriously though,
she is probably my favorite person EVER.
whenever i need help or encouragement or love or directions or a wake-up call or advice or a friend or someone to scratch my back or a good cry or virtually anything else, momma is always there. (well, almost always.. she sleeps sometimes.)

she is such an intelligent, diligent, experienced, spiritual woman.
she is kind, she is loving, she is hard-working.
she is educated, she is charitable, compassionate, fun.
she is the perfect mix of serious and silly.
she is beautiful inside and out.
i am SO SO SO blessed that she is my mother, and even more blessed that she still loves me haha!
i pray every day that i can become half of the woman that she is.

i am so grateful that she is not only my mother, but my best best friend.
love you momma!

rochelle your belle :)

p.s. here are some photographic tributes:

back in the day with President Kimball-cool huh!?:

dancing in the car- she always does this dance to coldplay- it's so funny!

high school graduation:

us recently at one of maddie's basketball games:


  1. I have to agree. Your lovely mother is all those things. I love her too. And she is just as lucky to have you as a daughter you wonderful girl you.

  2. Advice to blog readers - don't read a tribute from your sweet child while at work! People are scared something is wrong with me because I am sitting here crying! And sweet Rochelle, you are already twice the woman I am! Like Amy said, I am just as lucky to have you as my daughter!