Tuesday, May 25, 2010

locks of love

dear blog,

did i mention that i cut off all my hair?
 (okay fine, i didn't cut it myself...)

i am donating it to locks of love. donating my hair is always something that i have wanted to do. it's one of those things that i can cross of my bucket list or whatever. however, i reallllllly miss my hair. A LOT. i don't know how to handle my new do. its puffy and short and i look like an old lady-- not like super-old as in cute, like middle-aged as in burnt out soccer mom. which is funny because i think it looks so drastically different, but hardly anybody notices and most people say it looks exactly the same just shorter (which is FALSE). normally when i get a haircut it obviously takes some getting used to and that normally happens with in a couple hours or a day, but i have had this new cut for an ENTIRE week and i still don't like it. aaaaanyways...
excuse my vanity. who really cares that i kinda don't like my hair, when lots of people don't even have hair! some lucky cancer patient is going to be fortunate to have a wig made out of my nasty pelo. haha

on a different note, last night some sis's and i plus ricardo were watching the bachelorETTE and laughing hysterically! i love how they are all "i'm already falling in love" and then it cuts to steamy kissing scenes with multiple different men. EWWW. i just think its ironic that this is their perception of what love is. it makes me sad really. but rich and i were joking and we kept saying "i'm in LUST!" haha "i lust you so much!"... it was hilarious... but it really shouldn't be hilarious because that is their reality. 

oh well....
on days like today i just think the whole world is corrupt.

maybe i should be more like this little girl in my newest favorite youtube vid:


p.s. if you are interested in joining me in my misery, (misery loves company, am i right?) here is the link to the locks of love website: www.locksoflove.org

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  1. HAHAHAAA love the lil girl..but your haircut looks GORGEOUS GIRL!! :)