Monday, May 24, 2010

4: maddie sue

dear blog,

tonight i came THIS close to writing an angry hate post about my sister/roommate madison. sometimes she just makes me SO FRUSTRATED!

... buuuuuut...

most of the time she is just a delight.
who would not LOVE this face?:


but in all honesty, although maddie is 5 years younger than me, i feel like we are the same age (most of the time) (also, i think this has something to do with her "maturity" but a lot to do with my immaturity.) anyways, if you have met my sister you know that she is a doll. maddie is so sweet. she is so kind and loving and super spiritual. not to mention she can be super silly and really fun to be around. madison is the perfect mother in the making. babies love her, she is already a cleaning, cooking and laundry MASTER and she is so nurturing and patient. did i mention that she is only FIFTEEN??

(ages ago trying on mum's wedding dress)

(with our cousin's baby at our other cousin's wedding)

i love this girl quite a lot.
and yes, sometimes i want to kick her in the face.
and yes, sometimes i do kick her in the face.

but my favorite thing ever is that one minute we will be fighting and yelling and screaming and throwing stuff. and the next minute we are hugging it out and apologizing. then the next minute we are staying up way too late discussing the complexities of life.
maddie is a rockstar and even though she can be a brat sometimes, she really is an awesome example to me. she is hardworking and she knows what she wants. when it comes to her convictions she will never waver. i wish i could be as brave as her.

(visiting gramma's grave)

(celebrating carly's birthday)

(being weird at the kennecot copper mine)

yeah, i know. you wish she was your sister too.


p.s. i failed to mention above how maddie is a rockin basketball SUPERSTAR! (i may have failed to mention this because she kicks my booty any day.)
p.p.s. maddie is NOT perfect. she steals my shoes and loses them. AND she likes chicken little-the worst movie ever made.

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