Saturday, May 22, 2010

3: rebeca lopez

dear blog,

this is my dear friend beca:

(this is on her 19th birthday a couple years back-- we surprised her and she was soooo happy!)

i love her so much!
but i didn't always. when i first met her my freshman year i thought she was just straight up ridiculous and annoying-- but she is really so much more! (she may be a leeeetle ridiculous though.)

(swingin on a star)

but seriously, beca is so silly, which i love, but she knows how to be serious too (if ABSOLUTELY necessary,) which i also love. beca is the kind of friend that you can bring to hang out with ANYbody else. she could get along with anyone. she genuinely LIKES everyone. beca can and does see the good in everyone. she trusts people, has faith in them. she looks at people and sees their potential. beca has had a rough life, but you would never guess because she is so positive. she's not afraid to be cheesy or seem stupid at the expense of a greater purpose. becs doesn't care what others think. she is so selfless. probably more so towards other people than anyone that i know because she doesn't stop to weigh the personal costs of helping others, (which sometimes makes her look reckless to others) but this is such an awesome trait. like one time beca stayed up all night helping me write a spanish paper that i had procrastinated. i think i even fell asleep a couple times, but she sat by my side the whole time. beca is my sister (figuratively) and i am so grateful to have her in my life!


(us after a chocolate cake WAR)

 (being sillyyyyy)

(an early morning visit on MY birthday)


p.s. beca, if you read this... i hope you make it through your day :)

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  1. rochelle. i looooooooove you. i always have, and always will.

    love, me