Wednesday, May 12, 2010


dear blog,

i just have a couple things on my mind...

1. an ADORABLE boy winked at me in english class today.
2. now that i missed 307 we talked about something important that i have absolutely no clue about.
3. i need to watch glee.
4. and do about a million other school things.
5. i talked in spanish tonight! con mujeres de peru Y mexico! que awesome no?
6. i bought a new scrapbook today. it's beautiful. and it was 40% off.
7. today i got told i look like an easter egg and that my hair is unbelievably frizzy..
8. i am beginning to realize that december is coming up SOOO fast.
9. also, i love my family. a lot.


p.s. this is my new favorite song. (ignore the video... just listen to its wonderfulness).

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