Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2: grace

dear blog,

growing up we were kinda crazy. who was our favorite babysitter? this beauty:

Grace LaBass.

Grace is 4 years older than me or so. she babysat us before i was old enough to babysit us. when i was a freshman in high school grace and co. let me be friends with them even though they were seniors. grace taught me that being cool does NOT mean being rude, or stuck up, or wearing the same thing as everyone else. grace taught me that it is okay to be your own person, to be unique, and to still be normal. grace taught me that no one is too cool for school. grace is kind and loving, talented and fun to be around. she is the kind of person that would never intentionally make you feel bad about yourself, and goes out of her way to make you feel good. she is humble and she served a mission! i love grace. she is so amazing!


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